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It’s been the buzzword of the wellbeing world for some time now, yet still so many of us struggle to understand or execute the practice of mindfulness.

Racing out of my Berlin apartment this morning I have my coffee cup in one hand, an overflowing bag slung over my strained shoulder, and I’m wrangling a bag of rubbish down six flights of stairs to the communal bin. I raced off to work while making a scatological list…

Paris boasts a multi-faceted superiority of undeniable elegance and inexplicable charm. From cuisine to art, champagne, and architecture — the French do so many things so very well. Among their talents, the French know their fashion, and throughout centuries Parisian style has continued to impress upon fashionistas around the globe…

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is taking over. Whether you’re a new convert, just curious, or totally clueless, we have the breakdown for you — because we know you want to impress people at your next dinner party (you trendy thing, you!).

What is CBD?

Alright class, are we ready for today’s horticulture…

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I understand that Donald Trump‘s support emanated from so many people who have lost hope and are frustrated by ‘conventional’ politicians who have failed them time and time again, but I detest Trump.

I find him to be a deplorable character, who is narcissistic, bigoted, and reckless. As an environmentalist, feminist and equal-opportunist, he is about the worst possible candidate I could hope to see at the helm of any country, let alone a powerful and influential one.

What he stands for and…


Australian teacher living in Berlin and creating content for Artil Magazine. Your friendly traveler, writer and eternal optimist.

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